This Journey Begins With Earthing.

One of the most effective forms of grounding for me, is in the adventures of Earthing. The practice of Earthing is a form of meditation that involves either walking or sitting in nature. While there, the goal is engaging in the state of both presence and awareness to all of the sensory elements.  By aiming our attention on feeling the connection to the land, and contemplating the interconnectedness of all beings, we can center our hearts and minds.  From a place of centering we can more easily allow ourselves to release what does not serve us, and quiet the extraneous voices that may take space in our minds. With more spaciousness, we can begin the process of being in service to ourselves, our goals in the world, and the ways we nurture and shape others we share life with, with more clarity, grace and ease.

earthing beginning.pngSpending time with such presence in the elements truly brings me back home to my inner nature, beyond the mental chatter that can be all consuming in the states of stress induced the ever accelerating pace of our modern industrial world in a constant state of growth that revolves around the material world and capitalist pursuits. As Dan Harris notes in 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works:

“The route of true happiness, the Buddha argued, was to achieve a visceral understanding of impermanence, which would take you off the emotional roller coaster and allow you to see your dramas and desires through a wider lens. To truly tame the ‘monkey mind’ and defeat our habitual tendency toward clinging, meditation was the prescription, and sitting and actively facing the ‘voice in your head’ mindfully for a few minutes a day might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Accept that challenge and improve your life drastically. It’s about mitigation, not alleviation. It’s that simple. The only way out is through.”

The astrological season of cancer is ripe with the increasing intensity of dramas and desires, summer seems to heat us up, both internally and externally, and we mirror the mother planet in our hearts, minds and bones.  As our planet orbits, she shifts through seasons.  So do we shift through chapters of life, our own seasonal experiences, marching through time, on this ever changing planet. Various elemental aspects of ourselves are always evolving and becoming.  We need not become overwhelmed with activity to the point of feeling like we are the crab, needing a shell, if we allow ourselves to be in strength, grounded in the earth. This is what walking and sitting on the earth in the midst of the intensity and heat of this season can teach us.

The more I engage in the practice of earthing, the more clarity I receive and the more present I become with deeper truths. This translates to my ability to channel the messages I receive from spirit and the world around me more clearly and effectively. Time in nature sharpens my senses and gives me more peace of mind. It is from this place that I can receive information that is more in alignment with the knowing of all that truly is, outside of mental constructs and constant one track linear ways of thinking.  By spending more time with the natural world, I am ever coming back home, to real life, and to a more holistic perspective.  Widening my scope is the key to having my spirit be more attuned, which guides my greater knowingness and deepens the well from which I draw on wisdom, both my own, and the universal.

Nature is just waiting for you to show up in every moment, when ever you are able, to spend some quality time to better find yourself amongst all that is most authentic to this planet we call home;  live soulfully amongst her grass, trees, birds, bees, flowers, stars, the sun, the moon, seeds, moss, animals, lichens, fungus, soil, sand, salt and foam, grass and loam, and find yourself more deeply at home within. Go to her now, find yourself there.